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Generational Marketing Project


This project was tasked with either branding a line of baby diapers or a line of beverages to either Gen-Y’ers or Gen-Z’ers. We needed to invent the name, logo, and ad. This project was also tasked with creating personas of your target audience, brand strategy, as well as brand colors, and so on. My idea was to create a beverage that served as a healthy energy drink for Gen-Z'ers. 

Logo Process

The first stages consisted of sketching out potential logos on paper that we would later digitize in Illustrator. The biggest challenge was trying to create a logo that would translate your message without being too difficult to understand. 

Logos 2.jpg
Black and white revised_edited.jpg

Visual Poster Final Process

After digitizing the logos, the next step was to create a visual poster of your final product that included the finalized logo. I created multiple posters to put emphasis on one bottle while another handle multiple bottles advertising multiple flavors of the beverage. The poster was support to serve as a way to show your product in an urban-like setting.

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