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Personalized Font Project


When creating this font I was having a pretty hard time what I wanted to create between a serif and sans serif. I was looking all over different websites, and images just for reference that I liked, and came across an elegant-looking font titled “Glamour” and decided to sketch my font using Glamor as inspiration.

I drew two different fonts, the second one being more unique to the first but was reviewed more harshly saying it was not as legible so I stuck with the first one. It was much harder to make the lowercase letters because I couldn’t make smaller versions of the uppercase lettering because I thought that would be lazy. I stuck with the uppercase letters to digitize.


When sketching my letters I tried to make them unique while at the same time using the Glamour font for reference and taking some inspiration from that. Going into sketching I decided I wanted to make a font that was more on the elegant, fancy style instead of the round serif style. I thought it would be different if I tried to make a font that had a thick side along with a thin side so I attempted that with the top letters and I was satisfied with the result.


Digitizing the letters wasn’t as hard as I originally thought it was. When I was first making the letters the only way I knew how to make the letters down to the simplest detail was to make most of the letters out of line segments. Beforehand I didn’t know you could specifically crop certain shapes. So while the letters did look pretty polished for the most part they weren’t made most efficiently. On top of that when I was trying to fill in the outlines it would fill the enclosed space due to how the shape was made but, there would be extra filling spilled past the edge of the shape so it wouldn’t look good.

Final Posters

The final posters consisted of an alphabet poster, numbers, and words that describe your font. All had to be in the font that you created. This was my favorite part of the process because I could design the posters however I wanted. As long as it consisted of the font. It could be in any color we choose.

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