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Interest In Typographic Project


This project was tasked with taking a topic we were interested in and making a strictly typographic visual of said interest. Shapes of any kind weren't allowed to be included. I started this by writing topics I was interested in and settling on black holes. These typographic posters needed to consist of a separate focus on Sentences, Words, and syllables. I choose black holes as my topic for choice.


For sketches, I sketched different possibilities that I could use for digitizing. I thought all of these looked a bit much so I wasn't sure how to come up with a design that was simple enough that people would understand what the topic was.

Digitized Drafts

For the digitized drafts I was able to come up with a few ideas that were separated from my original designs. After getting feedback from my peers, I decided to make the digitized designs much simpler so they were easier to understand. 

Final Designs

The final designs needed to be in an 8x8 format. I refined all the posters so they have a very minimalist look to them. The hardest portion of this project has to be creating each individual star which consisted of letters that are spelled in Black Hole. Creating the swirl on the left was incredibly hard to create since I wasn't able to create from a simple tool. It consisted of me chopping circles in half and pricing them together to create what you see below.

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